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SVI is your source for Dutton-Lainson Products. The Dutton-Lainson Company is one of the country’s leading manufacturers of quality products for marine, agricultural, industrial, and automotive markets throughout the world. SVI offers it all including Winches, Accessories, Anchors, Trailer Products, Jacks and More!

WINCHES — SVI offers Dutton-Lainson’s complete line of winches including:

  • Brake Winches
  • Hand Winches
  • Electric Winches
  • Pulling Winches
  • Worm Gear Winches
  • Winch Accessories.

Brake Winches

Dutton-Lainson Brake Winches are suitable for many lifting and lowering applications. Self-locking brake winches provide additional safety and control for many lifting and pulling jobs. The automatic friction brake supplies constant, positive holding action and prevents a runaway load. Brake is fully automatic and the load remains in position any time the handle is released. A load is required to pull line from the winch drum.

StrongArm Electric Winches

Dutton-Lainson’s versatile StongArm Electric Winches provide load-moving muscle with just the push of a button or switch. With rated load capacities up to 4500 lb (dead-weight) double line operations, these winches will save manpower and make quick work of difficult loading and pulling jobs. All StrongArm Electric Winches, except the TW4000, offer Power-in, Power-out, controlled Freewheel and automatic braking. Accessories allow for easy mounting on trailers, vehicle hitch balls and other machinery and equipment. Remote control kits are also available.

Pulling Winches

Dutton-Lainson Pulling Winches are best-suited for boat trailers and other horizontal pulling applications which require the freewheeling feature of ratchet type winches.

Worm Gear Winches

Applications requiring safe, controlled movement of loads need Dutton-Lainson Worm Gear Winches. The reel automatically stops turning whenever cranking is stopped. There is no freewheel mode, no special mechanism required to stop gear movement, and they do not require a minimum load for operation.

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