3 benefits of an electric boat lift

3 Benefits of an Electric Boat Lift

From preventing hull damage to reducing the algae and corrosion buildup, boat lifts in general provide great benefits for any type boat while not in use. However, for someone looking to purchase a boat lift, it may feel daunting to narrow down the many selections and select the right lift for their boat. Have you decided whether to select your boat lift based on its manual or electric lifting capabilities? If you feel torn between selecting one, Below, we discuss three benefits to owning an electrical boat lift.

No Labor Involved

It makes for a long day of fishing or boating if you spent a good amount of energy lowering your boat into the water. Using a manual boat lift takes much more effort as you must hand crank your heavy boat up and down. However, by having an electric boat lift, you can save your energy for catching fish! Electric boat lifts offer automated lifting and lowering by the simple push of a button, creating an additional safety measure to prevent you from straining your back or pulling a muscle. As a result, anyone can raise and lower your boat without needing to have strong arms.

Time Effective

In the event of inclement weather and you’re in a hurry to dock your boat, it’s a hassle spending extra time on the dock by manually hand-cranking the boat lift. Electric boat lifts benefit you by saving time. As a result, you can spend more time on the water and enjoy boating with your friends and family.

Controlled Remotely

Did you know that you can have even more control over your boat lift? An advantage to purchasing an electric boat lift in lieu of a manual lift includes the option to wirelessly operate and secure the motor from any location. Depending on the electric boat lift model you’re considering, some offer lock features, allowing you to feel safe about your equipment when you’re away from the dock.

Before You Buy…

As a general disclaimer, you need to decide on what type of boat lift you need before deciding on the convenience of having a motor or manual lifting application. Examine your boat and determine the lifting capacity needed to effectively and safely lift and lower your boat. Additionally, keep in mind the specific boat model you own to ensure the boat lifts you are considering are compatible. For example, when purchasing a pontoon, you need a boat lift specifically designed for pontoons.

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