5 Reasons Solar Dock Lights are the Best Choice

5 Reasons Solar Dock Lights are the Best Choice

Not many mariners or boating adventurers enjoy guessing where the dock is located when pulling your boat in late at night. A flickering bulb or weakened light span could make the difference while docking your boat to avoid bumps or scrapes to the exterior. The frustration of electric lighting losing power or lightbulbs dying when most needed could be entirely avoided by replacing your electric dock lights with solar-powered dock lighting. Below, we discuss the top five reasons why solar dock lights are the best choice when considering an updated lighting system.

Less Expensive Operation Costs

Owning a boat comes with yearly operational and upkeep expenses. Perhaps you are an avid budgeter who constantly peruses your financial spreadsheet looking to save money by cutting out unnecessary boating expenses. You may simply be frustrated with high electric bills for small dock lights. With solar dock lighting, your energy bill will greatly decrease as they absorb solar power during the day and release that energy in the evening. Spending the minimal amount to replace your current lighting system with solar dock lights will be worth it as you continue to see lower electric bills every month if at all applicable.

Hassle-Free Installation

Solar dock lights offer the benefit of cordless operation Without the hassle of finding enough wire length or extension cords to plug into an electrical outlet. If you have access to sunlight, you can easily install and operate your solar dock lighting.

Unaffected by Power Outages

When a fuse is blown or a tower nearby malfunctions, your electric dock lighting system can’t perform like it should. Solar dock lights only rely on stored energy produced by the sun to effectively light your boat docking area.

Better for the Environment

From emitted greenhouse gases to the over-usage of single-use plastics, the world is now becoming more conscious of environmental impact than ever before. Incorporating eco-friendly tools such as solar dock lighting leave smaller carbon footprints. Solar dock lighting does not rely on electricity to operate and is built for a longer lifespan.

Versatile in Variety

The beauty of solar dock lighting is that you can customize your order to include a wide variety of lighting. Some of our solar dock lights are available to order as the following:

With this many options to select from, your transition from electric to solar-powered dock lighting will be appealing and budget-friendly. Ask us about our motion-detecting solar sky lights for dock light posts!

Light Up Your Dock with SVI Inc.

At SVI Inc., a boat lift repair parts company, we are dedicated to providing a reliable and sustainable lighting source for all your docking needs. We take the time to consider your needs and offer expert advice to create the perfect solar dock lighting system. Contact us today to talk with one of our specialists and find the perfect solar solution for your dock.