aluminum boat lift bunks vs wood

Aluminum Boat Lift Bunks vs. Wood Bunks: Which Are Better?

The familiar phrase, “you get what you pay for,” may be one of the most commonly quoted and accurate witticisms. The idea that lasting value corresponds to cost touches many facets of life. Boat owners know this well. Though perhaps a bit cliché, the quip rings true regarding your boat, your lift, and the bunks you choose. For example, wood bunks often provide immediate savings, while aluminum are costly. However, one provides lasting value.

Which is better in the long run? We explore both options below to guide you to an educated conclusion.

Wood Bunks

As mentioned, wood boat lift bunks are often less expensive initially. However, simply due to the material, wood falls prey to wear-and-tear relatively quickly. Many boat owners would agree that replacing wood bunks every few years is not worth it, ultimately compounding long-term expenses.

A few common areas of ruin include:

  • Sand and debris easily scratch wood bunks
  • Debris can become embedded in the wood
  • Wood bunks tend to warp over time. Warping results in unsightly appearance and – more importantly – imperfect cradling of the boat on the lift.
  • If a wood bunk is badly warped, it may only partially cradle the bottom of the boat, placing more stress than necessary on the hull.
  • Eventually, exposed to the wet, salty environment, wood bunks will rot.

Wood bunks with carpet covers suffer from the same damage.

Aluminum Bunks

Aluminum bunks are often more expensive at purchase, built for heavier boats. Their build makes them sturdy. Aluminum addresses a few common areas of wear wood bunks tend to experience. For example:

  • Aluminum bunks are capped with a vinyl guard to prevent scratching from sand or debris.
  • Debris will not embed in the aluminum.
  • Aluminum bunks do not warp, withstanding the rigors of submersion and a wet environment.
  • Because aluminum bunks do not warp, they will entirely cradle the bottom of the boat, protecting the integrity of the hull.

Aluminum bunks are resilient to time, weight, and wear. Ultimately, we believe they provide better long-term value than their wooden counterparts. As a boat owner, you must decide for yourself.

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