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Boat Lift Canopy Covers

Offering boat lift canopy covers in 3 excellent fabric choices!

boat lift canopy covers protecting boats from the sun

SVI Recreational is a leading supplier of Boat Lift Canopy Covers. Our canopy covers are made-to-fit your lift, no matter the lift brand! You can also rely on SVI for high quality, low cost canopy springs and bungees. Our USA-Made Canopies are available in three excellent fabric choices—Shelter-Rite Premium® PVC-Coated Polyester, Shelter-Rite® SLT13 Lightweight version PVC-Coated Polyester, and Harbor-Time™ Premium Woven Polyester in a variety of color choices.

Fabrics for our boat lift canopy covers

Shelter-Rite® Fabric

Shelter-Rite® This “Made-In-America Premium Fabric” is engineered to meet and exceed extensive performance criteria. Shelter-Rite® is an 18 oz. PVC-coated high-tenacity polyester material that will not rot, shrink or stretch and offers unparalleled adhesion (to reduce wind whip), color match and colorfastness. This is the best PVC-coated fabric found anywhere in the world. It outperforms all others. These covers are also constructed by using heat-welded seams in the main body of the cover to create a waterproof environment for your boat.

  • Canopies made with Shelter-Rite® are available in these color choices:
    Tan, Marine, Royal, Black, Red, Maroon, Green, Orange, Gray, Yellow, Brown, and White

Shelter-Rite® SLT13 Lightweight Version Fabric

Shelter-Rite® SLT13 Lightweight Version — The foundation of this new LIGHTWEIGHT Shelter-Rite SLT13 is identical to the Shelter-Rite 18oz fabric except the underside coating was reformulated and reduced to 1.5 ounces. We are able to reduce the weight of the fabric while maintaining the same tear resistance, ultra violet and anti-fungal protection, and water tightness as SR18. All cross seams are heat welded (not sewn). SLT13 will not stretch, shrink or rot. Note: Shelter-Rite® fabric is the most consistent in color year to year, roll to roll and cover to cover. Seaman Corporation uses computerized pigment formulation equipment that all but eliminates this issue. (Occasional sheen variation can create the appearance that colors vary ever so slightly).

  • Canopies made with Shelter-Rite® SLT13 Lightweight Fabric
    are available in these color choices:
    Tan, Royal, Maroon, Green, Gray, and White

Harbor-Time™ Premium Woven Polyester Fabric

Harbor-Time™ is a “Premium Woven Polyester, American-Made Fabric” that has an extremely durable “pigment-stable” acrylic coating on both sides of the material. An acrylic coating retains a beautiful soft cloth appearance and insures a long lift cover life. Harbor-Time™ fabric was designed for high-UV and high-moisture environments and is superior to all other leading fabrics we have tested. With a Harbor-Time™ canopy, you will get compliments on the inviting appearance.

  • Canopies made with Harbor-Time™ are available in these color choices:
    Beige, Nautical, Shale, Putty, Mallard, and Cordovan

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  • Beach King
  • DAKA
  • Dock Rige
  • DuraLift
  • FLOE
  • Harbor Master
  • Hewitt
  • Lake Shore Products (LSP)
  • Newmans
  • Pier Pleasure
  • Porta-Dock
  • RidgeLine
  • ShoreMaster
  • ShoreStation®
  • Vibo
  • And More!

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