Dock Edging & Rub-Rail, Dock Bumpers and CornersDock Edging & Rub-Rail, Dock Bumpers and Corners


Dock Rub Rail and P-Shape Vinyl Dock Edging

Ideal for Marinas, Dock Builders, Home Docks, and more!

P-Shaped Vinyl Dock Edging

  • Produced only from top-quality marine-grade flexible vinyl
  • Quality-grade UV and fungicide inhibitors added to prolong the life of the bumper
  • Offered in many specifically designed shapes to suit any dock design or impact resistance requirement
  • Standard length is 10 feet in white or black / Custom Colors and Lengths Available

dock edging bumpers

Polyurethane Corner Bumpers

Slips over existing P-Shaped Dock Bumpers to act as a 2nd layer of Corner Protection

  • Can be used as a stand-alone corner
  • Tapered end radius entrance is designed to eliminate or reduce tear off or pull away when impacted
  • Fits most standard P Shapes
  • Made in the USA
  • Excellence Resilience
  • Great Durability

4045-601 Polyurethane Corner Dock Bumper

Vinyl Corner Bumpers

Works with P-Shaped Dock Edging Bumpers

These flexible PVC Corners are made in a solid one-piece construction. Durable, flexible, yet with great resilience, this corner is the newest addition to our line of corner bumpers. Designed to be used with most industry-standard P-Shaped Dock Edging Bumpers or stand alone.

4045-610-W White Vinyl Corner Dock Bumper P Shape

TPU Foam Dock Bumpers and Corner Bumpers

These Polyurethane Foam Bumpers are a great solution for applications requiring higher impact protection for Marina Docks, Dock Builders, Home Docks, Boat Builders and Warehouses with high traffic areas.

  • Available in different widths for small, medium or large boats.
  • Also available with a groove for Vertical use.
  • Heavy Duty Dense Black Urethane Foam
  • Excellent Resilience
  • Good Low Temperature Flexibility
  • Mar-Resistant Textured Surface
  • UV Protected
  • Made in the USA
  • Corner Bumpers available in various sizes for Small and Medium Boats
  • Also Available in 24″—Contact SVI

4044-036V Vertical Dock Bumper TPU Polyurethane Foam

4045-602 4" x 12" x 12 TPU Foam Dock Bumper 4045-603 7" x 7" x 7" TPU Foam Dock Bumper

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