Fire Ring 800 SeriesFire Ring 800 Series


Fire Ring 800 Series

Best Fire Ring, Ever!
and we mean it…

  • 8-Sided Octagon, Heavy Gauge Steel
  • Easy Install—Interlocking Design
  • 8-1/2” Deep with 20° Angled Sides
  • In-Ground or Surface Mount Installation
  • Available in Four Size Widths
  • Great for Year Round Enjoyment
  • American-Made
  • Economically Priced…

View Fire Ring 800 Series Brochure for more information and specifications.

Ideal installation is permanent in-ground. Dig a slightly oversize hole 8-1/2” to 9” deep. Install interlocking segments and using some of the soil removed, add back in around the sides. Mound the sides up so the soil will settle down flush in time. Take the remaining soil and fill in some low spots or spread evening in the yard. Done, you now have a neat flush fire ring installed right on your property. Light a fire and enjoy!

The Model 860 is the ideal size for regular or large fires with family and friends. It is also works great when it comes to burning brush during fall and spring clean-ups.
The Models 848, 842 and 836 are ideally-suited fire rings for those who enjoy smaller fires and don’t often or ever have brush to burn.

An installation alternative would be to install the 800 Series Fire Ring using the method above but slightly elevated or less deep in the ground. This way you can add bricks, pavers or even decorative stamped concrete around your Fire Ring. Create an awesome patio or seating area around your beautiful flush-mount recessed 800 Series Fire Ring that you will enjoy for years and years.

Any model 800 Series Fire Ring can also easily be surface mounted in minutes. Slip the interlocking pieces together, have a fire! Take it apart, put it away. Caution though, you will have charred the ground; the grass will eventually grow back. We recommend permanent in-ground flush-mount installations for optimum satisfaction.

Will not settle—tapered design keeps ring permanently in place.

SVI and the 800 Series is your fired-up answer!

View Fire Ring 800 Series Brochure for more information and specifications.

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“Everyone who has seen mine wants one, so I am going to have two now. One in the yard near the pool house and one in the deep woods on a point where four trails and two ravines convene.”

~ Doug in Illinois

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