How to Care for Your Boat Lift Motor

How to Care for Your Boat Lift Motor

An effective boat lift protects your vessel from water damage and makes the process of departure and docking more convenient. However, a boat lift is only as good as its motor. A worn-out motor with ill-kept maintenance drastically reduces the functionality of your boat lift. Therefore, caring for your boat lift motor is paramount for effective boat lift use. Observing proper maintenance will ensure your lift performs as expected for years to come. Below, we discuss four simple routine maintenance steps to help avoid damage and increase the longevity of your boat lift motor.

Season of Care

The elements, regardless of where you live, can wreak havoc on the various components of your lift system and taking steps to avoid damage and prolong their life is easier than you might imagine. Regardless of where you live and how often you take the boat out on the water, these four steps can easily help fight against inclement weather patterns and other elements causing wear and tear to your boat lift motor. While caring for your boat lift motor, be sure to regularly inspect other facets of your boat, boat lift, and boat lift cables.

Check for Signs of Rust

Paying close attention to the capacitor cover, examine the motors for signs of rust. Look to see if the motor is retaining water in cases where motors are not under a cover. Make sure the top-side drain holes are closed, and the bottom-side drain holes are open to keep out debris and allow proper drainage. High-quality motors typically last 7-10 years under a cover.

Grease the Motor

To ensure the optimal functionality of your motor, grease the motor’s drive pipe and bearing every four to six months. While doing so, visually inspect the bearings and motor for any signs of damage or wear.

Cover Your Boat Lift Motor

Corrosion is one of the quickest ways a boat lift motor becomes damaged. If you want to get the most out of your boat lift motor, covering the motor is a first step.

Inspect the Drive Belt

The drive belt between the motor and the gear plate may become loose over time due to normal wear. It can be re-tightened by loosening the motor bolt, pushing the motor in the opposite direction of the gear plate pulley—tightening the belt—and then re-tightening the motor bolts.

Stock Up with Boat Lift Repair Parts

We understand that every now and then, a boat lift part needs replacement. Sometimes, it may be difficult to determine if the part needs repair or if it’s time to purchase a replacement. That’s why our experts at Boat Lift Repair Parts work hard to create reliable boat lift motors and lifting systems with durability and longevity in mind. We will assist in helping you decide which lifting component is best for your boating needs. If you would like to receive additional information about all our products or would like to request a quote on one of our kits, contact us today!