How to Keep Birds from Roosting on Your Boat Cover and Lift Canopy

How to Keep Birds from Roosting on Your Boat Cover and Lift Canopy

Have you noticed a change in your boat cover or lift canopy that does not seem to fit the typical wear and tear? Perhaps the damages found might be a direct result of birds roosting in your boating covers or canopies. Birds that make your covers and canopies their nesting spot can cause many underlying damages to your equipment such as tearing and molding areas. Below, we discuss the signs that show birds are roosting and three ways to prevent them from calling your canopy or boat cover their new home.

How Can I Tell When Birds are Roosting?

A telltale sign to show you that birds are beginning to set up camp is through noticing the influx of birds surrounding your docked boat on a more regular basis. If your boat cover or canopy isn’t swarming with a food source for them, then their company is for roosting purposes.

With the presence of birds comes their infamously disruptive squawking, chirping, and fluttering. If you catch yourself hearing more chirps, especially from baby birds, then you can be sure that your cover or canopy is more than just a hangout spot.

Take note of the birds that come to and leave from your canopy or cover. Are they carrying anything in their mouths like food or nesting materials? If birds have already roosted on your boat canopy or cover, you will see nesting elements such as small sticks, feathers, and bird droppings strewn all over.

Three Ways to Keep Birds from Roosting

Owl Scare Kits: This option is highly effective for preventing roosting on both canopies and boat covers. One of the easiest ways to spook birds away from your boat cover or canopy is by creating the illusion that a larger bird is guarding the area. Affordable and effective, owl scare kits serve with the scarecrow mentality in mind as most birds are found prey to the owl. These kits are easily assembled in a few steps, have long-lasting durability, and deters birds through rain or shine.

Electric Deterrents: This type of deterrent requires more effort and installation but has also proven effective for a variety of bird species. Through a series of metal tracks lining your canopy, electric bird deterrents provide a mild shock to the bird as it lands, educating it to stay away.

Spikes and Nets: Though these don’t add to the appeal of your boat cover or canopy, spikes and nets keep birds from perching as they give off the impression that the landing is harmful for them. A downside, however, is that spikes and nets work well except when birds roost under your boat canopy near the interior structuring.

Consult with the Experts

At SVI Boat Lift Repair Parts, we are dedicated to providing you with the best products for your boat and dock. If you notice any damage to your equipment, our experts can help repair the damage or provide multiple replacement options. Contact us today to see how you can best maintain your boat canopies and covers so they can be around for the long haul.