roller bunks for boat lift trailers

Roller Bunks for Boat Lift Trailers: Making Trailer Loading Quick and Easy

Safety and reliability are equally important with boat operation both on the water and in transit. Bunks for boat lift trailers must be particularly selected after careful research to be sure which bunks that load and discharge your boat are the best suited for your needs. Are you looking for a bunk that alleviates friction, works with durability, and is made with longevity in mind? If so, consider upgrading your current boat lift trailer bunks with roller bunks.

Roller Bunks: An Introduction

Roller bunks are an alternative method used to ease the loading and releasing process. With other products like aluminum bunks, the loading process differs, as more sliding and force are required. Each roller on a given roller bunk can vary in size and material used depending on the size of your trailer and the dimensions of your boat. Customization comes easily regarding your bunk’s length and the number of rollers desired for each bunk.

The Functions to Roller Bunks

Primarily utilized for reducing the friction occurred while mounting and dismounting your boat, roller bunks are a moving guide acting as an assistant conveyor belt. This feature especially benefits any individual whose boating experience is typically solitary. Pushing your heavy boat off the bunk without additional assistance can be unsafe and tiresome as the boat’s resistance on a stationary bunk builds against your push or pull. After time spent on the water, it could be even more tedious to return the boat to its trailer without supplementary help and guidance. With the reduction in friction, the rollers strategically placed on the trailer bunks allow an easy dismount at a tilted angle. Therefore, there is no longer the need to submerge the boat’s axle once the rollers start moving, regardless of the tide stage at bay.

The Preference to Roller Bunks over Traditional Aluminum Bunks

Ultimately, as both roller bunks and traditional aluminum bunks offer different methods of boat levying, either can serve you and your boat well. As opposed to carpeted or wood bunks, the traditional aluminum bunks offer a lasting longevity much less subject to warping and damage to the boat or the rest of the bunk. However, though traditional aluminum bunks are coated in a vinyl guard that helps prevent scratching, they do not offer as much friction release as roller bunks. Roller bunks easily guide the boat as the rolling wheels provide a consistent source of motion for your boat. If still torn between the two, decide if you prefer driving the boat onto the trailer. If not, then a roller bunk may work as the best choice for you.

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