SESM Small Equipment Maintenance LiftsSESM Small Equipment Maintenance Lifts


SESM Small Equipment Shop Maintenance Lifts

SESM Lifts offer many options to customize it specifically for you and your shop!

SESM lifts from SVI are a perfect solution for those engaged in the sale, service and use of smaller equipment associated with the outdoor power and turf equipment industries. Our style of lifts can be found in golf carts dealerships, landscape equipment maintenance shops, ATV / UTV dealers, motorcycle shops and just about anywhere else someone wants to make their job more productive and easier to accomplish. What do you do in the off season?

Install SESM Lifts in your shop to take advantage of the many productivity benefits. An SESM lift is easy to install, operates off your shop air compressor, and is a semi-hydraulic design cylinder. SESM lifts are self contained and require NO piping. All cylinder casings are fiberglass-coated to prevent corrosion. Plus, these lifts are easily relocatable and ideal even for shops in rental spaces. These lifts are very simple to operate and are designed for decades, or perhaps centuries, of trouble-free operation. See the brochure for more details.

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SVI is a family-owned business that also operates two subsidiary businesses—MLM Lifts and Mfg. (a specialty fabrication shop and hydraulic cylinder company) and Valley Precision Solutions (a customer-specific hydraulic seal company). Great pride is taken in the job we do, as SVI is an America-First enterprise. We support American jobs, American craftsmanship, American engineering and all the American companies we can proudly call our customers. Please put an SESM lift to work for you in your shop today. Become a fan of SVI and add to our growing list of wonderful testimonials from satisfied customers. You will not be disappointed. SESM H-Frame Lift for Golf Carts and ATVs

SVI International, Inc. is a leading supplier of high capacity, low pressure single acting cylinders for the automotive lift industry. Effectively a combination of Globe Lift and the former Gilbarco lift division, SVI has an extensive engineering data bank that extends back to 1928. This broad knowledge base and an ever present can-do attitude has driven SVI into many markets as a mainstay supplier of products to increase shop and in-the-field productivity.

SESM Lifts are an integral part of our product line and an ideal product for anyone engaged in small equipment sales and service. These lifts are very reliable, robustly built and 100% American Made in our shop located in DeKalb, Illinois, just west of Chicago.

In addition to SVI’s SESM Lifts, you may also be interested in our Turf Tray Lift Attachments.

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