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Solar Products

From solar lights and boat lift solar charging panels, SVI has it all!

SVI offers a large variety of solar products including boat lift solar charging kits, solar dock, piling and cleat lights, solar buoys, solar navigation lights, and solar marina pole lights.

Solar Dock Lights

SVI’s solar dock lights is a vast product line and we’d love for you to check out everything we have offer, and many are available in a variety of colors. Check out many of the solar light options available!

Solar Buoys and Navigational Lights

SVI offers a couple options when it comes to solar buoys—check out our selection. While the buoys illuminate the area, we also recommend checking out the navigational lights including the Solar Marine Lights and Solar Beacon Lights for added safety to add to the top of your solar buoys. Our regulatory pencil-shape buoys are available with your choice of safety message—choose from a long list of options.

Solar Marina, Courtyard and Street Lights

Contact SVI today for your solar lights for marinas and more! Check out our various solar sky lights, some included with motion sensor, to illuminate the local area. Line the whole marina, courtyard, boardwalk, and more for an economical solution of solar lighting.

Boat Lift Solar Panel Charging Kits

Whether you need a 12V or 24V complete solar charging system, SVI is your answer. Start lifting your boat lift with ease. Call SVI today!

Check out our brochure and catalog for more product information!

For more information, pricing information, or to place an order, please call today: 800-942-2123